Jun 11, 2010

25 Random Things About Me

1. I hate flying, even though I have never flown.
2. I love chocolate milk.
3. I'm 6'6.25"
4. Pizzeria Johnny's makes the best poutine ever.
5. I have lived in 5 different houses over my 23 years.
6. I have a 1-2" scar on the right side of my head from an operation before the age of 1.
7. I first drove a truck at the age of 12 in the hayfield.
8. I learned how to drive a standard vehicle in 5 mins by driving around in a field.
9. I've played the drums for 9 years.
10. I played college basketball.
11. I cried at the end of the movie "Click".
12. I have 21 cousins on my Dads side, and 3 cousins on my Moms side.
13. I'm a diehard Habs fan, living with a Bruins fan (Dad), and a Leafs fan (Brother).
14. My Grandfather was cousins with former NHLer, and Hall of Famer - Milt Schmidt.
15. The first motorized vehicle I ever drove on the road (at the age of 11) was a lawn mower tractor.
16. I am a certified national level coach - basketball.
17. I hope to one day marry the girl God has in mind for me, and have children of my own!
18. I fell down a very tall and steep staircase around the age of 2.
19. I almost drowned when I was 6, because I didn't know how to swim and I stepped off into the deep end of the pond by accident :/ Luckily my cousin Nathalie could swim and helped me.
20. I have never been on a roller coaster.
21. I accepted Jesus into my heart at the age of 4. I still remember the details as if it were yesterday.
22. I really want to get myself a 4-wheeler.
23. I'm a hugger - love hugs!
24. I wish teleporting was a viable option for travel so I could hang out with the awesome people that I know who live a ways away.
25. This is the first March that I can remember where there is so little snow on the ground.

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  1. Ryan! Yay for your 25 random things! we're gonna change number 1 and 20 :)