Jun 11, 2010

The (Cursed) Heart Upon The Sleeve

Ever since I can remember, I've always cared for people. I've always loved to help people, offer advice, help people problem solve. I've always been there when the going gets tough, and they needed a shoulder to cry on. But the moment they don't need you anymore, they forget about you, they don't remember any of the times spent leaning on your shoulder. They don't remember the effort you put in to help them, explain things to them, trying to help them understand... they just stop caring, and move on. They run away, never looking back.

I'm sick of this heart on my sleeve... is it a gift, or is it a curse? Something I'll always have, because I can't turn off the fact that I care about people regardless of the hurt, the pain, the trials I go through. Every time it hurts more and more, cutting deeper and deeper, but I can't stop it... it'll never go away.

I know God made me this way for some reason, and I know I get hurt continuously for some reason... but it's really starting to get to me, and I really need direction not only for this, but for my life in general. So PLEASE God, give me some direction in my life... show me what I'm supposed to do with this heart upon my sleeve.

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