Jun 11, 2010

A Flickering Candle Within the Darkness

Everyone who is born into this world wonders the same thing, "what is this life that we live, and what are we to do with it?" What should we, as human beings strive for? Strive to be? There are many who explore many different areas, many different things, but in the end find themselves as empty as they were beforehand, and still searching for that one thing to make them belong. Some people pick gangs, some people pick drugs and alcohol, some people pick sex, some people pick money, and some pick religion. Where does that leave them in the end? It leaves them empty, living in the dark and cold without the flicker of a burning flame to brighten up that dark place, or to stop themselves from shivering.

None of these things, none of these "fills" that we as humans bring into our lives brings true happiness, regardless of what you believe you are feeling when involved with any of them. They bring upon darkness, false hope, lust, greed, and most importantly, an excruciating eternal life after death. I know that we all have struggles, I can sympathize with that. I have many MANY struggles that I deal with day in and day out... some that I HATE myself for, but just can't make myself shake free of these things. They make me feel worthless, they make me want to scream, they make me want to hide from life, as far away as possible! It is a constant struggle, but something that I know I can overcome because unlike the many who don't have that candle flickering in the dark, I've got mine.

Now the question is, what is this candle flickering in the dark - how does one come to acquiring one of these? Is it by joining a gang, or how about drugs, alcohol, sex, money, organized religion? Can I get it through any of those? The answer is simply NO! There is one way, paved by one man. His name? Jesus, the son of God.

Jesus is the way, he is the truth, and he is the LIGHT... no man comes to the Father except through him. Jesus is the ONLY way that you will find that flickering candle in the darkness that is life. You have to accept Jesus into your heart, and your life, and live your life for him. We're all human, and we all make a ridiculous amount of mistakes. But with Christ, all things are possible, and you can overcome them.

My name's Ryan... and I was lost but now I'm found.

P.S. I'm a Jesus Freak

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  1. I like :) wasn't too deep and was easy to read...plus so true!
    Hi Ryan, nice to meet you, I'm so glad you are found!

    P.S. I'm a Jesus freak too!